What is the True Cost of Your Energy?

By | April 17, 2014
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So easy to take for granted. You flick a switch and the TV turns on.  And the electric power rate is so low you don’t even mind leaving it on when you are not watching. With that act you are wasting more energy than many of the world’s villages use. The power it takes to run our households is the equivalent of what would be harnessed by all the work animals on the estate of a pre-industrial age nobleman. Inexpensive energy allows us commoners to live like the kings and queens of a previous era.

But besides the price per kWh you pay on your bill, what are your energy supply’s other costs and how do you wind up paying them?

Here are some of the greatest energy sources the fossil fuel lobbyists push our government to support instead of renewables and the lies they tell us:

Fracking Pollutes Pennsylvania Wells

Energy Companies Refuse to Reveal Fracking Fluid’s Secret Ingredients Which Wind up in Underground Water Supplies


Hydraulic Fracking will bring down your natural gas prices and supply America for hundreds of years:

And who will pick up the bill for the health care costs when people start getting sick from their poisoned aquifers and the fracking mystery ingredients?

The public complains when the government subsidizes renewable power, but who speaks out when the fossil fuel industry pollutes our environment and insurance companies subsidize the resultant health care by passing the premiums on to the public and government pays for the environmental clean-up from our income taxes? How is that not considered a subsidy for fossil fuels?

Is Green Energy more expensive than this?





BP Oil Rig Fire

Deep Sea Drilling is Expensive and Dangerous


Deep sea oil rigs can supply much of America’s domestic oil requirements:

The British Petroleum settlement was limited by a Federal law which caps punitive charges against petroleum companies.

What was the total cost to the Gulf States‘ economy from the impact on tourism, the disruption to fishing and crabbing, the destruction of wetlands where our seafood stocks regenerate?

How many more platform accidents, oil tanker spills, pipeline leaks, etc. go unreported?

Is Green Energy more expensive than this?




Clean Coal Lies

Clean Coal is an Oxymoron

Clean Coal is the Solution for Tomorrow’s Energy Needs:

Add “clean coal” to your Orwellian dictionary along with “friendly fire,” “benevolent tumor,” “Department of Defense,” etc.

Anthracite, which is carbon rich and emits less particulate pollution, is running out in the USA and much of the world.  Now we’re mining the soft stuff, which releases plenty of particulate pollution, aggravating asthma and contributing to heart and lung diseases.

Whatever type of coal is burned, it will still produce CO2 in proportion to how much energy is released. Carbon dioxide capture technologies are still not proven to be reliable over the long term.   And as we’ve seen in Tennessee, coal sludge spills cover huge swaths of land with toxic waste. Why do they call it “clean coal?”



Canadian Tar Sands

Tar Sands Might End up Making Canada‘s Plains Look Like Saudi Arabian Desert


There’s More Oil in Canada’s Tar Sands Than in the Middle East:

True, but how easy is it to convert to energy? If the original oil wells in Saudi Arabia were putting out close to a hundred barrels of oil at the cost of only a couple barrels of oil spent in the extraction, transportation and refining processes, then the Alberta Tar Sands have a vastly larger expense to extract.

Besides desolating the wilderness, the material has to be heated with steam produced by burning huge amounts of natural gas. Thus, the energy cost of this fuel source is very high, which makes it expensive. Will it replace Middle Eastern oil? Maybe, but at what cost?


Appalachian Mountaintop Removal

Mountaintop Removal Poisons Streams, Destroys Forests, and Affects the Health of People Living in Appalachia


Strip mining and mountaintop removal employs workers in Appalachian communities and improves their standard of living:

Appalachia is a region whose name has been practically synonymous with poverty.

Over a hundred years of coal mining in this region have done little to pick up their standard of living, but when President Obama mentions a carbon tax or war on coal, then opponents cry about lost coal mining jobs.

I suggest retooling this region for participation in the green energy economy. Training workers to install and maintain renewable energy systems will result in better education, higher wages and a better standard of living.

Could it be worse than having silt wash down from destroyed mountaintops, clogging up and poisoning rivers and streams. Has anybody considered the effects of miner’s lung on these workers? No, the fossil fuel industry is fighting for its survival and will use images of unemployed workers as propaganda, while hiding the images of environmental destruction and poor health.

Is Green Energy more expensive than this?

The Greatest Hidden Subsidy of Oil and Fossil Fuels: War!

Oil has been subsidized by a $ 7 Trillion war in Iraq. Why can’t we spend a similar amount on clean energy and spare the blood? It would cost far less to convert our infrastructure to support nationwide electric car charging stations, or hydrogen refueling stations. Might it prevent a future war? Wouldn’t that make ANY investment worthwhile? What’s the highest price you are willing to pay to save a life?

By some estimates, if the cost of the recent wars, intelligence operations, building weapons systems, navy ships, bases and supporting servicemen in order to protect our interests in the Middle East were considered a part of the cost of acquiring oil, then the actual cost of oil should be:

Over $ 300 per barrel of oil imported from the Middle East!

Is Green Energy expensive?

I think it is unfair to directly compare prices between green energy and dirty, fossil-fuel energy because of the many hidden costs of fossil fuels enumerated above. Fossil fuels are MUCH more expensive than what is shown in your energy bill!

But, what if a renewable energy supplier was able to provide you with green energy from the sun at a rate which is not only competitive, but in many cases equal to or lower than your current utility supplier?

What if that renewable energy supplier was able to lock in that competitive rate for 20 years?

That solution exists today!

Contact us to learn more. Call: 443-502-0085 or visit:

Lock in Your Energy Rates for 20 Years Using Green Energy at a Lower Cost Than Your Utility Company

The above post was written for the Maryland market, but we serve many other states and our service map is growing fast. Please visit the above link to determine if you qualify for competitive green energy where you live.

Finally, we have to fight the fossil fuel industry and it isn’t easy. They have the financial resources and the politicians’ ears (and wallets.)

Use social media to fight the fossil fuel industry at the grass-roots level. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

Our ammunition is Social Media.

Ready, Aim, Share!







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